From Yorkshire to Down Under – Amy’s Work Placement in Australia

Posted on the 10th October 2016

Travelling from Yorkshire to the other side of the world, Amy a 22-year-old English graduate, undertook a work placement in Australia with Lattitude in an indigenous school just south of Cairns. Amy spent 7 months at Djarragun College teaching English, Geography, Science and Music, as well as helping out with after school clubs, in the library, and on a field trip to Cairns for two days with older students.

Volunteering overseas is a really good way to learn about new cultures but to also share your own. ‘I decided to make pancakes again, at first they didn’t seem too interested as they weren’t really sure what they tasted like. However as soon as they tried them they loved it’. Doing a gap year placement allows you to experience the culture of the country in which you are living, but also the change to bring your own culture and show the locals how you live back home.

“It really is fascinating talking to the students about their lives and about their culture which is so completely different from mine. They are fascinated by things such as snow because it isn’t something that they have ever experienced and Saranna was also questioned about gangs in London. It just shows what differences there are growing up here to growing up in England. I’m really looking forward to understanding more about the Indigenous culture and lifestyle at my placement’.

You have lots of free time on placement and so have the chance to explore and do outdoor activities across the beautiful landscape of Australia. Although you can miss home, ‘as low as I feel sometimes, the next minute I am having the time of my life’. Learning about new cultures and indigenous communities is really exciting and gives you a new perspective on your own community and life back in the UK, so it was 7 months well spent!

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