Support from Lattitude

Peace of Mind

Lattitude has been sending volunteers abroad since 1972. With this experience, we feel confident that we provide the best support available for our volunteers. Which gives you and your loved ones peace of mind. Our support network is extensive and includes staff members based in our main offices in the UK, New Zealand and Canada, as well as in the host countries where volunteers are placed.


Once you have been accepted on to our programme you will be assigned a Volunteer Coordinator.  They specialise in your chosen destination, and will provide you with the support and advice you may need throughout the duration of the preparation and into your placement. You will also be in contact with the Country Manager (who is based in your host country) of your assigned programme who will discuss all the placement options with you and give you all the details they require as well as answer any further questions. At this stage, we ask volunteers to pay a deposit to secure their place.

Volunteer Coordinators will give you information on how to prepare for your placements, such as getting inoculations, what to pack and what to expect. They are there to support you every step of the way and are always happy to answer questions or allay any worries.

All of our placements incorporate a pre-departure briefing and in-country orientation to help volunteers prepare for and adjust to their new surroundings as well as meet our in-Country Managers and local representatives. Throughout the length of the placement, our in-country staff are there to support our volunteers. Furthermore, Lattitude also operates 24/7 emergency phone. So volunteers and parents can always reach staff if they need to.

What Else?

You will also be asked to join our Lattitude online community, here you can join your departure group and chat online to other volunteers about what you are doing, including organising fundraising events etc. This platform also allows volunteers to blog, so if you fancy yourself a travel writer then everything is in place for you to document your placement!