Top 10 things to do in Fiji!

Posted on the 17th April 2018

Written by Chloe Steele

Fiji is a developing country which has lots to offer from its warm and welcoming local people, great weather, a mix of cultural traditions and lots of fun things to do! Lattitude love operating Gap year and programmes in Fiji offering Teaching within the community which is rewarding for you as you are helping the local community and schools, improve people’s lives and also teach English.

As well as giving back to the community and changing lives, there is so much to do in Fiji when you have spare time! Here are the top 10 things in Fiji which you could be doing….

1) Coral Coast

The Coral Coast was one of the first areas that were developed for tourism development. The Coral Coast is a great place to go and visit if you love to relax in the sun on the beach, due to its peaceful scenery. There are many sporting opportunities offered by the Coral Coast resort such as surfing, diving, fishing and much more so come and learn a new sport!


2) Fire walking Ceremony

The fire walking ceremony is a popular cultural event in Fiji so why not get involved in the culture whilst you’re here! Fire walking shows are located all around Fiji and in different resorts but it is the talent and entertainment of the firewalkers that makes it so interesting for people visiting Beqa Island in Fiji. Come and watch a fire walking ceremony where the warriors will chant “O-Vulo-Vulo!”


3) Fiji Museum

The Fiji Museum gives an insight into the history of the country and also tells the history of archipelago from over 300 years ago. This museum is located in the town of Viti Levu and it is great if you are an archaeological enthusiast because they have many collections and cultural history linking back to previous years!


4) Discover Pearls in Savusavu

Hunter Pearl’s offers educational tours of the pearl farm allowing visitors to Savusavu to visit the pearl farm which produces some of the world’s rarest pearls. This is a good opportunity to learn more about the local culture of Fiji, and educate you on the history of Fiji’s pearls, surrounded by wonderful scenery and crystal waters of course!


5) Sigatoka

Sigatoka is a town on the island of Viti Levu which is a lovely area to visit if you have never been to Fiji before. It is home to a large tropical beach called ‘Natadola beach’, an Eco park, and sand dunes. Sigatoka is also a famous town for its vegetables with the nickname of the town ‘Fiji’s salad bowl’! Aside from the luscious sands and turquoise waters there are also friendly Fijians to meet, a local market and several souvenir shops known for arts, crafts and pottery which is further opportunity to get familiar with the culture of the country whilst volunteering!

One of our volunteers at a school in Sigatoka

6) Bouma National Heritage Park- Taveuni Island

Bouma National Heritage Park located on the island of Taveuni offers the natural beauty of Fiji. The park is approximately 150 square kilometers of rain forest with tropical plants and a diversity of birds, local villages also help to manage certain aspects of the park so be sure to see a few locals too! You are able to snorkel in the marine park, hike through the rain forest and you can also swim in the cool volcanic pools!


7) Beqa Lagoon Shark Dive

The Beqa Lagoon Shark dive is a thrilling, exciting and daring underwater experience you are able to take part in whilst in Fiji. This is a great place to dive in Viti Levu, and the range of species that you will see ranges from; bull sharks, white tip and black tip reef sharks, and even tiger sharks. It is a safe and educational experience with highly experienced crew to accompany you on this exciting diving adventure! So dive in….


8) Great Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu

Great Astrolabe Reef is the fourth largest reef in the world and it is 100-kilometers long. This is a perfect destination for diving and boats are very accessible here from the southern shores. Travelers can visit here to enjoy the rich marine life such as whales, dolphins, sting rays, seabirds, and various types of fish. This is a great sightseeing opportunity to explore the reefs, the clear water and the amazing scenery that this attraction offers.


9) Lavena Coastal Walk

The Lavena Coastal Walk is a delightful, peaceful walking/ hiking trail which will include coastal walks, walks in the rainforest and even see a beautiful waterfall in Fiji which is hidden! Local guides are available to be hired for this trail to show you the sights on the way and at the end of the trail you can swim to a hidden enchanted waterfall which only swimmers are able to see!


10) Fiji Cooking classes

In Viti Levu and many other areas, visitors are able to take part in various cooking classes and learn to cook Fijian dishes which include; kokoda – raw fish marinated in lemon or lime and dressed with coconut cream and lovo which is different types of meats are slow cooked in banana, which again is a part of the Fiji culture. Flavours of Fiji are able to provide help to prepare island favorites, cooking techniques and it will also give you as a visitor an insight into the culinary culture of the country and broaden your cooking skills.

Lattitude volunteers during their placement in Fiji


So here is a list of our top 10 favourite things to do (out of many!) in Fiji which we think you would love!! If you love the sound of all the things to do above then why not apply now for summer 2018 to spend up to 3-7 months in Fiji?

The job roles we have on offer in Fiji is teaching within a community, whilst gaining experience for yourself, new skills and of course free time to travel the country! We are still taking applicants for August 2018 so get applying!

Find out more about Lattitude’s Fiji placements here and complete the online application here.

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