The Return of Lattitude Volunteer Placements in the US!

Posted on the 13th August 2019

Always wanted to experience America?! 

Now you can with Lattitude; but act fast as this is a new project with limited space for our placements starting this JAN / FEB 2020!

There are only initially 4 places available for a 12 (possibly 6) month placement living and working in these wonderful rural communities, so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

Volunteer in America

Cam Sylvester Brings U.S. on Board

Lattitude Global Volunteering – North America has now partnered with a network of rural communities in the eastern US offering volunteer placements for volunteers inspired to live and work with people with disabilities.

Volunteer with the Disabled in U.S.

“The communities are all located on gorgeous, bucolic farms and schools all within a 2-hour train ride of New York and other cities in the eastern seaboard,” reports Cam Sylvester, Lattitude’s Director for North America who visited the communities in June 2019.

Triform Camphill Farm, U.S.A.
Triform Camphill Farm, U.S.A.

According to Cam, volunteers are all housed in their own bedrooms in large, modern homes located on the community properties.  Each house serves as the living hub for a family, three to six volunteers and a similar number of residents with disabilities.

“I was fortunate enough to stay in two of these houses, one on a farm north of New York City, and another on a school estate, just outside of Philadelphia,” Cam says.   “The sense of community around the table at meals was inspiring.   I was able to feel like I was part of a large family, cleaning up and doing my own dishes, or sitting around the living room chatting about the day’s events.”

Volunteer in America
Volunteers & residents helping in Camphill Bakery

On the farms, volunteers spend the mornings with the residents with disabilities and other community members doing a wide range of activities such as milking cows, growing organic gardens, building rough timber, or managing the community stores.  After lunch, everyone takes a 1 to2-hour break before going back to work, this time participating in lessons such as pottery, movement, woodworking, speech, or weaving.

Volunteer at Camphill Community, U.S.

In the school, volunteers follow a similar schedule, though the time is spent supporting younger residents with disabilities in their K-12 curriculum.

Since both the farms and schools are considered educational programs, in addition to one day off per week, the volunteers get time off at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and 3 weeks in the Northern Hemisphere summer months.  All volunteers receive a stipend of $225 US per month.

Placements are for 12 months, but in some cases 6 months may be possible.   When Cam visited the camps, there were volunteers from Ghana, the UK, Colombia, Japan, Korea, and Australia.

Volunteer with the Disabled in America

“These opportunities are precisely the type of transformative, long term Gap Year programmes that volunteers benefit the most from,” Cam says.  “They aren’t a quick hit of ‘voluntourism.’

But they aren’t for everyone, of course:

“Living in a community, even in such an idyllic situation such as these farms and schools, is not a walk in the park.   Like with all families, you have to learn to live with others.  But the payoff can be huge in terms of personal growth, which is what a great Gap Year is all about.”

Cam spoke with a number of volunteers at the communities, all of whom raved about their experiences.  “They had time to travel on their days off and scratch the sight-seeing itch.  But it was the time in the community that most impacted them.  One of the volunteers I met at the gym playing basketball told me that before he came to the farm, he felt he was always wearing a mask.  ‘But the residents don’t let you get away with that,’ he told me.  ‘You have to learn to be comfortable with yourself.  And now I am.  And that is the greatest gift anyone can give me.’”

US Camphill Community Volunteers

Act Now if You Want to Volunteer in The States:

We only have 4 seats available starting tentatively in January or February 2020.  If you are interested, please contact us immediately to see if they are still available.

Contact Us Directly for More Info About our New U.S. Placements

“Volunteering at Camphill Community was the best decision I’ve ever made. It has given me direction and a purpose. I learnt so much about myself and other people; it’s been a great experience”

Gabriela, Volunteer Assistant in Pottery & Bakery, Triform Camphill

Here what it’s all about from the Volunteers themselves!

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