Orientation in Warsaw, Poland

Posted on the 2nd March 2020

When you first arrive in your chosen country, you’ll attend an orientation programme to kick start your adventure abroad and help get you settled in. The first Poland orientation for the year just wrapped and we’re excited to share a few photos with you.

Volunteers from the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Ecuador arrived in Poland mid-February to start their journey volunteering as Language Coaches, helping develop the English skills of Polish students. Here’s a photographic journey from our recent week-long orientation in Warsaw.

Airport Arrival! Volunteers are met at the airport by the Poland Country Manager, Beata. She’s very excited to welcome them to Poland, to share her home country with them, and support them on their journey as volunteers.

No orientation is complete without a bit of sightseeing! The group took in the sights and sounds of Warsaw – it’s an amazing metropolitan city brimming with history and culture.


There was a fair bit of team building and getting to know fellow volunteers over amazing Polish cuisine. And of course, one of the main purposes of orientation is the practical learning to help set volunteers up for success as they live and volunteer in Poland over the coming months.


As volunteers in Poland are there to perform a specific role in the classroom, orientation includes a teaching skills course, which looks at handy tips on topics such as lesson planning, classroom management and a lot more. Volunteers received a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

poland orientation -001

When the week long orientation and teaching skills course concluded, volunteers headed off to their hosts and host families to begin the next stage of their experience. Here is an example of the welcome greetings they received.

Volunteering in Poland is awesome! And being a Language Coach is really meaningful work, filled with the rewards of seeing your students make jumps in their English abilities through your help! Be sure to read more on our website and learn how you can volunteer in Poland during your gap year.


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