“There are so many things to value” – Alex in Ghana

Posted on the 24th November 2016

Hello my name is Alex; I’m 21, from a town called Muswell Hill in North London and I’ve been loving every day of my experience in Ghana with Lattitude!

A couple of months before my departure I graduated from the University of Nottingham and after studying I couldn’t resist volunteering with Lattitude to gain invaluable experiences of combined work and travel which would prepare me for getting a job – it’s an experience you simply wouldn’t get back in the UK.

I’ve been living in Adaklu Waya, Ghana for more than two months now and couldn’t be happier and more appreciative of the lifestyle I’ve come to find. There are so many things to value; the communal nature of the town, the environment and wildlife and the work I’m contributing to.

alex teaching english in Ghana

I very much enjoy teaching English at the local primary school. Usually three or four times a week I will teach my P5 class maths, history or English. When I initially started teaching I was supported and aided by a Ghanaian teacher. However, as she soon went on maternity leave she was no longer able to teach her pupils. I therefore try my best to go into school as much as I can to teach and set the pupils homework in her absence, which I feel makes a real contribution to the community and children in particular.

Alex, UK volunteer in Adaklu, Ghana


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