“The Girl With the Green Bergen” – Lillie Teaching in Malawi

Posted on the 3rd October 2016

‘It’s so lovely to see such an appreciation of what we are doing, and we haven’t even started yet’

Lillie, a young volunteer from England, undertook a gap year with Lattitude Global Volunteering in Malawi to do English teaching in primary schools with students aged between 10-18 years old for 6 months.

Days start early in Malawi, with volunteers waking up at 5am to be ready to teach at the school from 6.30am to teach until 1.30pm. This can seem daunting if you’re not an early riser but it soon becomes your new way of life and a simple routine, ‘the afternoon is spent preparing for the next day’s lessons, washing clothes, exploring the market for any undiscovered food items that might shake up our diet of rice, tomato and onion, playing with the local children’

‘One thing that is taking some time to get used to is the amount of Malawian people that see us who immediately want to introduce themselves and personally welcome us to the country. The locals are always friendly and welcoming towards you as they know that you are there for a purpose and that purpose is to teach their children how to read and write and speak English.’ Living in the country means that there are always plenty of projects for volunteers to get involved with, like finding football kits for the local team so that they can compete, or finding bibs for the girl’s netball team so they can keep playing and become competitive.

Volunteers are placed with a host family meaning that you are fully immersed in the country on a gap year, ‘our house really did become a true home from home.’ Volunteering overseas gives you a different perspective on the world, making your gap year a truly incredible experience.

english teaching in malawi

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