New Zealand School Assistant – Tilly’s Testimonial

Tilly Greensit has spent the last few months volunteering as a School Assistant in Christchurch, New Zealand. She is spending 11 months on placement overall, and is hopefully getting to know the country and community...

Posted 28 Jun 2019

UK School Assistant – Sophie’s Testimonial

Sophie from New Zealand was placed in Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, volunteering as a Lattitude School Assistant. Find out about her experience: What made you volunteer in the first place? I wanted...

Posted 26 Jun 2019

Why Take a Gap Year?

Thinking about taking a GAP year? A year out can be an amazing opportunity for you to develop and grow as an individual. Whether you’re looking at taking a year out pre or post University,...

Posted 25 Jun 2019

Ghana Medical Placement – Daniela’s Testimonial

Canadian volunteer, Daniela Hoolaeff, has shared her story about her experience volunteering in Ghana as a Medical Assistant and how it’s changed her life. Daniela was also the recipient of Lattitude’s Adrian Evans Award, presented...

Posted 18 Jun 2019

Daniela & Host Family

Visiting the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest

Hi, I’m Anna, one of Lattitude’s Volunteer Coordinators, for South America. Back in March, I was lucky enough to be sent off to Ecuador to help our lovely Country Manager Rossy in the Quito office....

Posted 22 May 2019

Volunteering Opportunities in Ecuador Cloud Forest

Language Coaching in Vietnam

Lattitude volunteer Josh: Vietnam….I hadn’t been sure what to expect but now it is ‘Việt Nam’: an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime. At first I was completely baffled by chopsticks but...

Posted 09 Apr 2019

Langauge Coaching in Vietnam

UK School Assistant – Dan at Hoebridge School

Thanks very much to Dan for reporting back about his time as a Lattitude “gapper”, volunteering as a UK school assistant. Hi there, my name’s Dan from New Zealand and I’m currently working as a...

Posted 09 Apr 2019


Special Needs and Crafts Centre in Ecuador

Community Worker in Ecuador – San Jose de Calasanz Special School and Artisan Training Centre San Jose is a school and centre for people with disabilities and additional needs, in beautiful Cuenca, Ecuador.  San Jose was...

Posted 29 Mar 2019

Volunteer in Special Needs Art Centre in Ecuador