Lattitude COVID-19 Update

Over a short period, COVID-19 has rapidly progressed from an isolated health concern to a global pandemic, and the situation is changing by the hour. It’s an uncertain time to be sure, but Lattitude Global...

Posted 18 Mar 2020

Volunteer in Greece – Stepping Stones Animal Foster Home

Superstar Lattitude volunteer Georgia volunteered first in the UK as an Outdoor Camp Assistant, and followed that up by joining our Greece Action Project. Why did you volunteer in Greece? I decided to volunteer in Greece mainly...

Posted 05 Mar 2020


Outdoor Camp Assistant – Izzie in New Zealand!

British gap year volunteer Izzy is volunteering as an Outdoor Camp Assistant in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand: Challenging herself in a new environment was why Izzie chose Aotearoa New Zealand as her...

Posted 04 Mar 2020

outdoor camp assistant new zealand

Orientation in Warsaw, Poland

When you first arrive in your chosen country, you’ll attend an orientation programme to kick start your adventure abroad and help get you settled in. The first Poland orientation for the year just wrapped and...

Posted 02 Mar 2020

Lattitude poland-orientation-001

Gap Year in New Zealand – Orientation on arrival

New Zealand Lattitude Orientation January 2020: for our “gappers” beginning their gap year in New Zealand, a mixture of fun, making new friends, learning and recovering from jetlag. The emotional rollercoaster of excitement and nerves...

Posted 10 Feb 2020

gap year new zealand

Volunteer in Japan as a Community Volunteer

Eleanor was a Lattitude volunteer in Japan, working as a “Community Volunteer” and helping people with disabilities in the wonderful Hanshin Cheshire Home. What made you want to volunteer in Japan? I decided to volunteer...

Posted 09 Dec 2019


Volunteer in Poland on YOUR Gap Year!

Jessamine was a Lattitude volunteer in Poland, and assisted in a school as an English “Language Coach”. What made you want to volunteer in Poland? In 2015, a Lattitude volunteer came to my high school...

Posted 09 Dec 2019


Community Volunteer in Ecuador – Sammy

A volunteer interview with Sammy on his placement as a Community Volunteer and English Tutor/Language Coach in Ecuador. Tell us about your placement and role. I worked as a Community Volunteer and Language Coach in...

Posted 09 Dec 2019