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——–February 2021 Update———

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has required all of us to adapt and rethink how we conduct business. As this pandemic changes, Lattitude continues to change with it. Considering the current government travel restrictions and air travel limitations, our team is working on reduced hours. The first half of 2021 will be a dormant period for us but rest assured, we are here to answer all of your questions and continue provide the same support our volunteers have come to expect. We are accepting applications for July 2021 onwards and look forward to ramping up for those departures in the coming months!


Application Deadline

We usually set an application deadline each year, to ensure that candidates to our programmes get their applications in promptly so they don’t miss out, as positions in our participating countries are limited.

We have decided that, in light of the current Covid-19 situation, the application deadline for Lattitude Gap Year programmes abroad in 2021 will be removed, so that people can wait until they feel comfortable applying.

Please be aware, however, that placements abroad are limited, so the sooner you apply, the more likely you are to secure a position within our programmes. Keep in mind also, that there is a lot of preparation needed to get you to where you want to go, so don’t leave it too late! In addition, some visa application processes can take several months, so it is a good idea to get your application in ASAP.


Refundable deposit

Once you have been interviewed and accepted, you will be emailed an official offer letter, along with an invoice to pay your deposit to secure your position in our programme.

Under normal circumstances, this is a non-refundable deposit. However, due to the uncertain timeframe of COVID-19 travel restrictions etc, we have adopted a more flexible approach to ensure there is no financial risk to our volunteers proceeding with their Lattitude travel plans.

Your deposit will be refundable if: You have paid your deposit after 11 March 2020 (the date WHO declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic) and if nearing your scheduled departure, you are still unable to travel, or if, following government advice, your destination is deemed unsafe to do so.

If you are still unable to travel to your first-choice destination, we can work with you to look at alternative destinations at short notice. In the unprecedented scenario of no appropriate departures being available, we will look to reschedule, offer you the opportunity of deferring, or refunds will be made available.

The remainder of the Lattitude fee will not be due until 60 days prior to your scheduled departure.


Some destinations suspended

We have had to make some difficult decisions recently, and although the bulk of our exciting destinations will remain intact, we have sadly been forced to temporarily suspend some of our destination programmes.

Argentina, Ecuador, Japan & Vietnam will not, at this stage, be available for 2021 groups.

This will allow us to work efficiently with reduced staffing while maintaining the high level of support to our volunteers that we pride ourselves in.

We do hope and expect that we will be able to offer these wonderful programmes again in the future.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope that our revised application deadline and refundable deposit amendments will give you the reassurance you need, to look positively to the future and the exciting opportunities Lattitude offers.

Before you start:

  • You will need to provide the contact details (email and phone) for TWO people who can act as referees. They must be somebody you know in a professional capacity (teacher, employer, sports coach etc – NOT a friend or friend of your family.)
  • If you need to, you can always save your application and come back to complete it later.
  • You should have a credit/debit card handy to pay your application fee.

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