A’Level Results: What Next?

Posted on the 14th August 2019

So, you’ve just received your A-Level results, but maybe they weren’t quite as good as you were hoping for?

Now what, do you go through clearing and hope for the best? 🤞😟

Or perhaps they were ok but you’re having second thoughts about going straight to Uni this year? 🤔

We have some great news for you…


Not too late for a Gap Year


Plus, Lattitude is now offering a massive 50% bursary for all our Australia and New Zealand Gap Year placements… meaning you could get this amazing experience for half the price!

Volunteer in Australia

‘Year Out Group’ stats show:

  • 88% of Gap Year Graduates said that doing a productive gap year placement made them more employable.
  • 60% of Gap Year Graduates said the experience helped them clarify their career path.
  • Gap Year students show greater engagement when they do go to University.
  • Gap Year students are more likely to graduate from University on time and with higher grade point averages.*

The year after finishing A-Levels, commonly called ‘The Gap Year’, is a great opportunity to go and see the world.

You’ll learn things about yourself, about foreign lands, and about life, that you might never get a chance to learn again.

And here’s the best thing, all the awesome experiences you’ll have on your Lattitude Gap Year can actually make you more prepared for starting University next year, and more employable!



You’ll be more independent – when you do start uni, you’ll be able to hit the ground running, already used to living independently.

You’ll have far better stories to tell – this means being a far more interesting person to be around at Uni. Unless you’re really bad at telling stories, in which case the next point applies to you and you only…

(You’ll have a whole year to get better at telling stories) – see above.

You’ll be more confident – you may notice that people who are well-travelled are generally very confident. Why is this? Well, there’s only one way to find out… go travelling!

You’ll be more knowledgeable – yes, travelling really does broaden the mind, everyone says so, Google it!

You’ll be a more well-rounded person – don’t think we need to explain this one… basically, you’ll just be way more awesome than you are right now.

You’ll be mentally and physically refreshed – our returned volunteers tell us that a break from studies made them mentally ready for more long years of studying; allowing you to be productive and engaged throughout your degree.

You’ll be more assured that going to University is the right choice – We all know University isn’t cheap, so it’s a big decision to make. If you’re still sure you want to go after a year out, then you can be confident in your choice and you’ll be more likely to make the most of it.

White water rafting - New Zealand

“Everything is new and exciting, you learn to adapt and change your lifestyle, and your perception of the world completely changes.” 

Mariah, Volunteer School Assistant


Are you worried about the hassle of organising a gap year?

With Lattitude, there is less hassle than your average gap year.

We assist and support you throughout your placement, and although you will be doing valuable work most days, there’ll also be plenty of time to relax and have fun!


Are you worried about starting Uni a year later than planned?

Don’t be!

26,000 UK students drop out of University in their first year because they don’t feel ready for Uni life.

Think about it, you’ve been in a classroom for the last 15 years! Going straight to Uni can burn you out, and even if you make it through, you may not be as productive as those who take a year out to see the world and rejuvenate their minds and bodies.

Those who take a gap year show greater engagement in campus life, and are more likely to graduate on time and with higher grade point averages.


Are you worried that you might not want to go to Uni after taking a gap year?

Seeing the world gives you a thirst for knowledge. You’ll come back feeling refreshed and focused, ready to embrace the next stage of your life.

90% of students who take a gap year start Uni the next September.


Do you want to take a gap year but you think it’s too late?

With Lattitude, it’s not too late.

We get loads of applications from students after they have received their A-Level results, it’s normal.

Many of our late applicants don’t get the A-Level results they were hoping for and decide to postpone their Uni plans for a year. Others do get the results but decide they’re not quite ready for Uni yet. Either way, they ALL come to the sensible realisation that now is the most opportune moment to get out and see the world!


Are you wondering whether you can defer your University place?

Universities are usually very supportive of you deferring your place if you can prove that you are going to be doing something constructive and worthwhile.

You learn a lot on a Lattitude gap year, our placements are hugely educational and productive. This is why lots of our previous applicants have successfully deferred their Uni course.

You’ll help others become better people, whilst becoming a better person yourself.

If you would like help writing your deferral letter please get in touch and we’ll talk you through it!


Do you think you might not be able to afford a gap year?

With Lattitude, almost anyone can afford a gap year.

If you act now that is…

Lattitude is currently offering 50% Bursaries to UK Nationals for all Australia & New Zealand Placements departing in 2020!

Click here to find out more about our 50% bursaries!

Also, as you won’t be setting off until January/February, you’ve got a while to start saving some money. It’ll be worth it, we promise!

Plus, you receive food and accommodation while at your placement and our Australian and New Zealand placements pay an allowance to reimburse against expenses of fees & flights, so it can often work out cheaper than living at home!

Volunteer in Outdoor Centres in New Zealand


“Receiving a bursary from Lattitude made it possible for me to volunteer in Australia and motivated me to work harder to make the most of the experience.  I am now interested in working in the Gap Year sector and possibly teaching in the future. Overall it was an amazing experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Martha, Outdoor Camp Assistant, Australia

Read more about Martha’s Australian Adventure 


Are you worried about being alone?

With Lattitude, you’re never alone.

Not only are we on hand whenever you need us, but you’ll be part of a network of other like-minded Lattitude gap year students all looking forward to getting to know each other and excited for months of new experiences!

For most of your placement you’ll be carrying out valuable volunteering work, such as being a School Assistant, and we make sure your placements are with friendly, welcoming institutions who will love having you around and will look after you properly.

Volunteer to Teach in Australia

How else might a Lattitude Gap year help you?

Gap Year placements with Lattitude are the ultimate way to get ahead of the game!

  • You’ll be more employable. Due to the character-building nature of Lattitude placements, they look great on your CV!
  • It can help you decide on a career path. Recent research revealed that 60 % of Gap Year Graduates said the experience helped to clarify their career path.
  • You’ll develop self-confidence, independence, problem-solving skills, team-building skills and interpersonal skills.
  • You’ll make new friends, experience new cultures, and have a great adventure.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity yourself… we can’t wait to book you in for the best year of your life!

  Volunteer in New Zealand

“Deciding to volunteer with Lattitude has been the best decision I have ever made. Not only have I been completely immersed in a fascinating and unfamiliar culture, but I have been presented with an opportunity for personal development; I know the leadership skills, independence and confidence I have developed will take me far. 
I couldn’t recommend volunteering with Lattitude enough; it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” 

Madeleine, Teacher Assistant


What placements are still available?


Australia – most popular choice for 2020!

Fly ‘down under’ for 5 months of Aussie adventure!

Volunteer in Australia

Click here to find out more!

New Zealand      2nd most popular choice for 2020!

Jet off to beautiful New Zealand for 6 months of Kiwi adventure!

Skydive in New Zealand

Click here to find out more!

Other Options

We also run placements in parts of Africa, Latin America, and Europe, including Spain, Poland, Greece and many more!

Click here to find out more!

Still have questions?

Contact Us for an informal chat 😊

*all statistics in this article courtesy of Year Out Group

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“I know the leadership skills, independence and confidence I have developed will take me far.
I couldn’t recommend volunteering with Lattitude enough; it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Madeleine, Volunteer Teaching Assistant, Spain

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