UK Hosting Opportunities

Our UK Hosting programme is made up of partnerships with a variety of host organisations including schools, caring centres and outdoor education centres. Each host receives a bright, motivated young person, full of character and promise, who will want to enter fully into the life of their new community and make a significant contribution. Our volunteers bring unique perspectives and life experiences to their hosts, enhancing diversity and increasing opportunities for cultural learning and exchange.

UK Schools Programme



UK Schools Placements are at preparatory schools for seven to 13 year olds (some have pre-prep departments for children from three years old), senior schools for 13 to 18 year olds, or schools which combine some or all of these. The majority of schools are boarding schools however there are a small number of day schools as well. Many of the schools are single-sex schools. Volunteers are generally based in the boarding house or PE/sports department, but most schools try to give the volunteer a varied timetable.

UK Outdoor Education Programme


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Outdoor Education programme centers vary from big organisations with a large number of seasonal young staff, to small family-run operations. Lattitude volunteer get involved with leading group activities such as rock climbing, archery, ropes, abseiling, orienteering, assault courses, canoeing, overseeing team building games and undertaking some general cooking, gardening and cleaning duties.

UK Caring & Community Programme

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Caring placements are in residential homes for adults with a variety of disabilities.  Volunteer duties may involve assisting with the day-to-day care of residents, leading activities such as art, sport, and music, or taking outings to places of interests such as the theatre, seaside or local pub.

Community programmes involve volunteers working with local staff to help and support young homeless clients who seek respite. Placements vary in the level of challenge and responsibilities, but are extremely rewarding, as volunteers are able to make a significant difference to people’s lives.

  • Eagle House School


  • Dorset House School


  • Tockington Manor School