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Contiki exists to bring young travelers between 18-35 together to experience the world, by making travel easier and more social. Throughout 350+ unique short-term group trips across 6 continents, Contiki organises accommodation, food, experiences and transport, so young people can relax and focus on exploring the world with new friends. Many of our volunteers explore the regions where they are placed or do further travel after their placements through Contiki tours. Through our partnership, Contiki has extended exclusive discounts to our volunteers which you will receive as part of your pre-departure preparations.




For many years, Lattitude has partnered with VIA e.V to send German nationals to voluntary placements in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Each year we send up to 150 Lattitude-VIA volunteers abroad, to work in Schools and Outdoor Education Placements. When Lattitude receives an application from a German national directly, we always make them aware of our partnership so that they can explore the possibility of becoming a Lattitude-VIA volunteer. However, spaces are limited and competitive so it is best to apply early to avoid disappointment. On top of this, there are many other reasons why it might not always be possible to volunteer through our partnership, and so Lattitude placements still remain available to Germans (and other Europeans!) without joining up to VIA eV as well.

North America



Quest University

Quest University, based in Squamish, BC, is a unique non-profit post secondary institution. Students at Quest attend interactive classes through a block plan. They dive deep into their chosen subjects and prepare an individualized Keystone Project which caps their personal journey toward an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree.

Quest University knows the value of a Gap Year as a precursor to student success at the university level. In support of our program and the growth that occurs during our volunteer’s time abroad, Quest University offers Lattitude alumni a $5000 scholarship each year for all four years of study. This is a fantastic opportunity for our volunteers should they chose Quest for their post secondary education. Lattitude volunteers interested in attending Quest following their placement should contact their admissions adviser about this scholarship.

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Capilano University

Capilano University is one of the premier Universities in British Columbia. With small class sizes, unique courses and a supportive community Capilano is a great next-step following a Gap Year. Many of our Lattitude Alumni have gone on to Capilano University and our Director, Cam Sylvester, taught and directed the Global Stewardship Program there for many years.

Capilano University supports and values the Gap Year model and offers our students course credit for one class towards their undergraduate major in Global Stewardship upon successful completion of a Lattitude placement.



Gap Year Association – USA

The Gap Year Association is a nonprofit accreditation and standards-setting organization for Gap Years based in the US. They actively collaborate on research into the outcomes and benefits of taking a Gap Year as well as advocate for the model to universities. They have been recognized by the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. Lattitude Global Volunteering is an approved member of the Gap Year Association.


Canadian Gap Year Association

The Canadian Gap Year Association (no affiliation with the above) supports young people and provides options for those interested in an alternative education and career path. They strive to break down barriers that often prevent students from considering a Gap Year among their post-secondary options. They support programs like ours and have been a partner of Lattitude for some time.


BC Council for International Cooperation – BCCIC

The British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) is a member-based network of organizations, programs and minds with a focus on sustainable development and social justice issues. BCCIC focuses on promoting and implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through networking, sharing ideas, research, representation to government and public engagement. Lattitude Global Volunteering is a proud member of BCCIC.



Raptim Travel

Raptim Travel is a non-profit travel agency specializing in creative, efficient solutions for humanitarian, faith-based and volunteer organizations as well as individual aid workers and volunteers. Raptim has worked with many notable organizations including Doctors without Borders, Rotary, World Vision Canada and AIESEC as well as Capilano University.

Raptim works with our Canadian volunteers from travel booking, through placement and return home. They monitor safety advisories for all countries where Lattitude Volunteers are placed and will assist Lattitude in case of emergency. Our volunteers receive exclusive humanitarian airfares through Raptim with special benefits, low or no fees and extra flexibility. They have the ability to move bookings around with very short notice if necessary which is a huge benefit as circumstances do sometimes change. They also coordinate with Lattitude to book volunteers on the same flight whenever possible.


Mountain Equipment Co-op

Mountain Equipment Co-op is an exclusive retailer of high-quality outdoor gear. They have been part of a global co-operative movement in 103 countries, work to ensure their products are ethically made, and believe in living life with a spirit of adventure. MEC is a natural fit for our volunteers, particularly those traveling to the developing world or outdoor placements. We partner with MEC to provide incentives for various campaigns and often introduce MEC to our incoming volunteers on their way to outdoor placements within Canada.


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Dani Willets

Dani Willets is a Canadian Accredited Immigration Consultant. Previously she worked with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration for over 25 years and has been recognized nationally three times for her initiatives in outreach and public service. She works with our volunteers and provides legal advice whenever necessary. Often she assists our volunteers entering Canada from other countries and gives advice on the lengthy and detailed Canadian visa process.



Oak Bay High School

Oak Bay High School is a excellent example of what happens when a school’s culture embraces the Gap Year as an option, among many, for their students’ post secondary path. Oak Bay has sent numerous motivated and successful volunteers abroad on our programs following graduation. This is testament to many supportive parents and staff, particularly Shannon Giesbrecht in Oak Bay’s counseling office.